@Missnanette  Jun 24, 2011 14:30:41
Pap,tmnku ad yg south-paw loh,tp uyeng2nya ga counter clockwise..

@bsuryobroto  Jun 24, 2011 14:34:23 Japan is most robust, defying 8pct predictions while others only less than 5pct.. Ur friend may represent doubly defy.. Life is living..

@Missnanette  Jun 24, 2011 14:48:50
Doubly defy?what’s that supposed to mean?so u’re saying that my friend here is a robust child?he is.. He’s a left-handed guitar player like mcCartney 😀

@bsuryobroto  Jun 24, 2011 14:54:36
If common means norm, than south-paw defies.. Southpaw should be counterclockwise, so again he defies.. [Still, don’t think common as norm.. It’s just common..] Your friend is surely robust..

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